Beeb Anywhere 2.9.4 for download

Version 2.9.4 is now available to download from here. (You’ll need to choose ‘Delete all stories’ from the Settings screen to fix any already downloaded stories.)

Fixes more problems with sport stories (match reports were blank).


Many thanks to Dave for reporting the problem and testing the new version.


One Response to Beeb Anywhere 2.9.4 for download

  1. Dave says:

    Just seen this post – thanks for the credit above! Feel free to contact me if you need future testers. I’d gladly help to keep this great app going.

    There was a brief “blip” in service today, but it turns out it was a BBC problem and nothing to do with this app, which is working brilliantly again.

    This is still the only genuinely offline news reader that I’ve found. Others that claim offline functionality often refuse to work when there’s no signal (eg. in the London Underground), or still use background data. Thanks again Ash and long may this app continue, with or without the BBC’s approval.

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