Beeb Anywhere 2.9.5

Version 2.9.5 released, available here.

Removes the ‘Share’ links from the top of stories.


2 Responses to Beeb Anywhere 2.9.5

  1. Dave says:

    Brilliant – thanks for updating once again, Ash. Everything seems to be working just fine with version 2.9.5.

    Just one thought though. I know this is too late now, but it would have been nice to have the 2016 OIympics as an available Sports category. The “Olympics” category in the app still brings up all the stories from the London 2012 Olympics, and has done for the last 4 years!! Some 2016 stories are available under “Athletics” and “Cycling” etc, but more obscure Olympic sports (eg rowing, gymnastics, Taekwondo) (see aren’t there unless included on the general “Sport Homepage”. It just made me wonder if there are other BBC categories not available in this app?

    It’s curious that the Android app’s data folder contains a sub-folder called “2012” (data/com.wordpress.twitchya2/sport/olympics/2012), suggesting there is other content there, but only 2012 stories can be viewed.

    But hey – I’ve no complaints, only praise – this is still the app to beat if you just want to READ the news, and to be able to do it offline.

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