Beeb Anywhere 2.9.3 for download

Version 2.9.3 is now available to download from here. (You’ll need to choose ‘Delete all stories’ from the Settings screen to fix any already downloaded stories.)

Fixes problems with sport stories due to changes on the BBC website.

Also, now uses Material theme on Android 5.0 and above.


4 Responses to Beeb Anywhere 2.9.3 for download

  1. Dave says:

    Hi (again) Ash

    There appears to be a problem with some of the Sports pages not downloading or not displaying properly in Beeb Anywhere v.2.9.3. It only affects the match report pages, the ones with headings like “Sunderland 0-1 Liverpool” and “Everton 3-4 Stoke City”. I expect the BBC have changed their website again. Hopefully you’ll be able to fix this easily!

    I’m one of your Android (not Amazon) users who has to download updates directly from this site since it was withdrawn from the Android Play Store. So it would be greatly appreciated if you could make an update available here.

    Thank you for continuing to make this app available.

    Cheers and happy new year!


    • Dave says:

      Hi Ash – just a polite “bump” in the hope that you’ll see my previous post about the latest problems with some of the Sports pages not downloading or not displaying properly in Beeb Anywhere v.2.9.3.

      Many thanks

      • Dave says:

        Many thanks for the 2.9.4 update link. I’ve installed it and all stories, particularly the football match reports, now appear to be working again. As previously advised, I first did “Delete all Stories” and then ran a fresh download of news stories and all was then fine.

        Hope you can now post this as an official update here and on Amazon. Too bad about grumpy old Auntie BBC and the Google Play Store.

        This is still the only TRULY offline news reader that I’ve found. Others claim to be offline but never work properly. Thanks again Ash and have a good 2016.


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