Beeb Anywhere 2.9.1 for download

You’re welcome to download version 2.9.1 from here.

Fixes a bug in writing section break lines which sometimes causes missing story content.



Beeb Anywhere 2.9 for download

You’re welcome to download version 2.9 from here.

Fixes include:

  • Switched to full feeds (mobile ones aren’t being updated correctly and contain out-of-date stories).
  • Various formatting improvements within stories.
  • Made image larger in story lists.
  • Feeds corrected – including Cycling and Darts.
  • Other Sports feed removed.
  • Filter out audio/video/pictures stories.


Beeb Anywhere 2.8 for download

You’re welcome to download version 2.8 from here.  This should fix updating for now.


Beeb Anywhere has been removed

Unfortunately Google have removed the app from the Play store as the BBC are alleging it infringes on their trademarks.  I’ve contacted the BBC to see if we can get this resolved.


UPDATE – The BBC aren’t willing to ask Google to republish the app even though I’ve offered to remove their trademarks (“Beeb” and “B in a box”) from the name and icon.

Beeb Anywhere 2.7 released

  • Fix updating (fixed problem caused by recent change to BBC website).
  • Tablet layout improvements.
  • Minor layout improvements and tidy up.


Beeb Anywhere 2.6 released

Changes are as follows:


  • Fix problem with dark theme in version 2.5 (for HTC devices at least).


  • Reduce likelihood of accidental swipes.
  • Show toast when deleting old stories prior to an update.
  • Move ‘Delete all’ to Settings and prompt.
  • Add back button for Jelly Bean devices.
  • Corrected footer links.

Beeb Anywhere 2.4 released

This fixes the update problems seen recently.  These were caused by changes to the BBC’s mobile pages.