Beeb Anywhere has been removed

Unfortunately Google have removed the app from the Play store as the BBC are alleging it infringes on their trademarks.  I’ve contacted the BBC to see if we can get this resolved.


UPDATE – The BBC aren’t willing to ask Google to republish the app even though I’ve offered to remove their trademarks (“Beeb” and “B in a box”) from the name and icon.


15 Responses to Beeb Anywhere has been removed

  1. Paul J Johnson says:


    This is really sad news. I am a big supporter of the BBC but on this one I think they have really got it wrong. I struggle to see why the BBC would want to take action even if you were to be infringing their trademarks. I cannot see that yo can be making money from a free app with no adverts. What harm is there to them other than their alleged trademark gets publicity in asociation with a quality app?? Using Beeb is I assume going to be what they are arguing, but I don’t think they came up with that name, from what I understand that is an affectionate name given to it by the British public. And perhaps they should reflect on why so many people have downloaded your fantastic app….., because you have given them an app they want because clearly their own products are simply not good enough. They only need to look at the ratings of some of their apps. IPlayer on PC is a fantastic product but the Android version is really poor.

    Anyway, I hope they see that this kind of approach is not going through to do them any favours and you can agree with them a way forward that you are happy with. Thanks for the great app!

    • twitchya2 says:

      Thanks Paul, I agree with everything you said. I too am a big supporter of the BBC, and Google, but the way they’ve both handled this has been awful. If I get time, and if you’re interested, I’ll write a full post about it but the upshot is that unfortunately it doesn’t seem like Beeb Anywhere can continue.


      • stemc322854 says:

        Hi Ash,

        Thanks for replying and sorry it has taken so long for me to reply back. I would be more than interested to read a full update if that offer is still open.

        From reading your update above it made me wonder whether there was scope to host the app on other app stores, without upsetting them….., obviously with the caveats you mention above in terms of trademarks. If it was of any benefit I would be more than happy to make it available on the file hosting sites I hold accounts with.

        Best wishes,

      • twitchya2 says:

        It is on Amazon, but what’s to stop the BBC doing the same there?

      • Gary Thomas says:

        has anything been done to stop it working as I try to refresh now it refreshes but the same stories are there from a few days ago?

  2. Gary Thomas says:

    can you not just rename it and change the logo?

  3. Richard Jones says:

    really sad news. I use this app every day. Thanks for your efforts with it. It’s my number 1 android app that I always recommend to friends. A real shame the bbc have done this!

  4. graham gammack says:

    Mine stopped working four days ago. I echo the sentiments above. I used to like the BBC! A great app, I will moss it.

  5. Gary Thomas says:

    its strange now as the app will only update when connceted to 3g and not through wifi…any ideas why that would suddenly start?

  6. Dave says:

    Gary, maybe it’s just you because mine updates OK over WiFi or 3G :-/ To me, that is (was?) the great thing about this app: you can download all the news (several MB) over WiFi before venturing out, thereby saving 3G data charges. Let’s hope it can continue (see further comments on the “top level” Beeb Anywhere thread)…

  7. Paul S says:

    I’m really sad about this. Typical example of corporate selfishness spitting in the face of those whose intentions are nothing but to improve the world we live in through creativity and dedication.

    I for one love Beeb Anywhere, and have done since the moment I first used it. It’s simple, efficient and a joy to read the news with every day. The BBC’s own app simply doesn’t display enough stories on screen at once and is thus a pain to navigate. It also seems to need a constant connection to the Internet.

    I do hope you can find a resolution. Shame on Google and the BBC for this insult against the common good!

    • twitchya2 says:

      Thanks Paul. It’s still available on the Amazon Appstore or you can download and install manually from the Download page. I can’t see it ever getting back on Play.

  8. Leslie says:

    Instead of asking BBC to tell Google, can’t you abandon the old one and simply release a new app on Play with a new name and logo but keep the same great functionality?

    • twitchya2 says:

      To be honest I can’t be bothered and I get the feeling that the BBC would find another excuse to get it taken down and my developer account gets further compromised.

      I’ll keep this site updated with links the latest versions.

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