Beeb Anywhere 2.6 released

Changes are as follows:


  • Fix problem with dark theme in version 2.5 (for HTC devices at least).


  • Reduce likelihood of accidental swipes.
  • Show toast when deleting old stories prior to an update.
  • Move ‘Delete all’ to Settings and prompt.
  • Add back button for Jelly Bean devices.
  • Corrected footer links.


3 Responses to Beeb Anywhere 2.6 released

  1. Brian Smith says:

    Hi Twitchy i have this app on my mobile and I love it and think it’s a fantastic idea, however I have now loaded it on my tablet I am having problems and I think I am going to have to delete it soon. My problem is when I try to use it on my Archos 80 it loads the headlines, but when I try to select a story it comes up blank? It gives me the option to go online and get the original story but this only work’s when I have an internet connection. Which kind of negates the point of having it, any advice please.

    • twitchya2 says:

      Hi Brian

      Are you using the dark theme? There are some devices where the dark theme doesn’t work (you just get white text on a white background rather than white text on a black background) and it’s very difficult for me to figure out what’s wrong as I don’t have these devices to test on. It works fine on my tablet and in the Google emulators.


      • Brian Smith says:

        Hi Ash,

        Thanks for your reply I have tried using normal and dark theme but one just gives an all white screen, and one an all black screen.

        Totally understand you only have certain ways of testing thing’s, but if you do get a solution for this any time could you possibly keep my E-mail address and let me know. I will keep using it on my mobile though as I think it is an excellent app.

        Anyone else out there had an issue with this?

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