Beeb Anywhere 2.0 released

Available today on the Android Market.

New features:

  • New layout specifically for Tablets (see screenshots below).
  • Swipe to access next/previous story.


2 Responses to Beeb Anywhere 2.0 released

  1. fk says:

    v2.0 Force Close on Samsung Galaxy S2 when swyping to next/previous article. Hope you can fix-still a great app!

    • twitchya2 says:

      Hi fk

      Thanks for reporting this, I do want to try and fix it. I’ve tested on a number of different devices without problems so could you provide some more information please?

      What version of Android are you using? (I’ve tested on 1.5, 2.3.4 and 3.1)
      When it crashes do you get the option of submitting an error report? If so please do.
      Do you have zoom enabled (in Settings)? If you do could you try it without?

      Cheers, Ash.

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